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Selasa, 16 November 2010


t's raining and it's cold..but i could feel the warmth in ur eyes..the smile that makes me happy every time i think about it.it's weird how it happens,it still does but who cares..
u make me think about reasons that i've been asking God;to let me see why things turn out the other way for me..it didnt turn out well for you too but now everything is on the right track i guess.so let's just be grateful and thankful for what has happened. i hope it's true when people say good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.
being here on my own i learn a lot.if u're the 'better things' for me,then it's not a waste to let go of the good things i've had before.but the future is not ours to see.me and you,we can be the better thing that may fall apart to let the best thing fall together in da future..end point is important but if it ends up not as in fairy tales,we're matured enough to tell ourselves that at least we've learnt something out of it right.
not taking it too deep doesnt mean it's not serious :Dit's just an effort not to ruin all the fun by getting too much involve in this kind of thing..no matter how,if it's meant to be,it'll happen one day :)
having you no matter in which form is like giving me a strength to face everything!let's do our best in the upcoming exams.there are so many perfumes in this world but you smell the loveliest :)i think i've fallen in 'like' with you..the one who pushes the cloudy days and replaces it with beautiful bright memories. thanks but let's just say if one day,we find ourselves arguing on which way to go,we can always take a diff path.it may or may not lead to the same destination but somehow or other,i wish we'll be happy in the end. :D u're one of a kind,if you can see that..dont look into my eyes coz they dont know how to hide the real feeling i have :Dget it? by sayuri_mimie at 8.30am (17.11.2010)

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